Freeze Out Bullying


Attention Bullying Prevention Team: Invite the Amazing Freestyle Soccer Athletes to your School!


Dec 15, 2014

Reserve your spot and your school will be entered into a draw to WIN 20 Official SWRL Freestyle Soccer Balls plus a 60 minute Freestyle Soccer Clinic.

Freeze Out Bullying is a one of a kind, high impact, positive energy and fun filled presentation with The World’s Top Professional Soccer Freestyle athletes. This is a one-hour presentation focused on Character Building and promoting healthy choices.

Join us as we “Stand Up Together & Take Control”

The Freeze Out Bullying Program is a 1hour program to your student body that includes a live interactive performance with the key message of “Stand Up & Take Control”. The Freestylers will emphasize the importance of taking control of your life, your decisions and your goals for the future. They will find creative ways using their own experiences to discuss the following topics:

  • Speaking Up Assertively, Not Aggressively
  • Reporting Responsibly and Safely Being Inclusive
  • Demonstrating Respect
  • Role Modeling, Compassion and Empathy
  • Respecting Others Privacy and Reputation
  • Cyber Bullying/ Social Media

Freestyle Soccer incorporates teamwork, leadership, handling disappointment and balancing strengths and weaknesses within the team. We customize our presentation to suit the age group that we are speaking with.


This was a fantastic presentation. The guys had the kids hooked before the assembly even started. They were warming up when the kids walked in and the kids were instantly engaged. The assembly was a great mix of entertainment (freestyle soccer) and education. The anti-bullying message was loud and clear but not overbearing at all. I would highly recommend this assembly for any school looking for a fun and informative assembly.

Morning Glory Public School,  Russell Taylor CYW.

 This was one of the best character education-bullying presentations I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying with my students and staff. Steve and Jose were extraordinary in their talent, message and in engaging the audience in a meaningful way. I will definitely share the contact information broadly with colleagues. Bravo on a beautiful and sincere message of treating all human beings with respect and to stand up to bullies. Embracing a talent or skill such as freestyling frees the spirit and feeds the soul. This was a real feel good production with depth and breadth.
Pelmo Park. Kari Hudson Principal.

The freestylers engaged our students thoroughly for the entire 1 hour presentation! The anti-bullying messaging was interwoven and meaningfully presented with authentic personal stories. This is the second time I have brought them to our school, and it just keeps getting better! Well done!
École Sunningdale Public School – Loui Silvestri, Vice Principal.